[01/18/14-AM] Attack!


  • graduated highschool!

  • decided not to go to college since highschool almost destroyed me + i realized i didn't feel like sinking myself in debt

  • moved house w/ family

  • been posting on tumblr + have been doing daily drawings for the past 2 years

  • also been really talky on twitter, it's a lot of garbage tho just saying

  • left deviantart and furaffinity due to their vile admins

  • have been trying to keep my weasyl updated

  • made a lot of really great friends!

  • got really into transformers

  • have generally done a lot of personal work 2 get to a good point where i'm actually comfortable w/ my identity and wow things are a lot better

'w')/ now i'm working towards producing my own stuff like comics n zines n games n junk! currently i really want to start putting stuff up on gumroad so that i have a way to actually get an income while i'm stuck at home *m*!

i've got a lot do to improve my living situation, but i think things will turn out alright in the end!
  • MOOD: working working


Pon pon pon pon pon! Good bye 2008 O: I'm going to be unproductive for the rest of this year.

Will update sheezy with a picture tomorrow.




we also got rockband 2 and it's fun so I guess if anyone has a live account/360/game and I know you we can play? but whatever SLINKY FUCK YEAH
  • MOOD: excited :DDD


So I finally got new pairs of crocheting and knitting needles, and I've already put them to use. Over the latter half of my father's stay at the hospital I was able to crochet a good portion of a simple scarf. Once I've finished it I'll be sure to post some pictures. :3 The pattern itself isn't overly intricate, just a simple box pattern- but it works well as a MAM pattern and it's easy to do, so I'm happy.

I'm still looking for a decent blanket/afghan pattern though. I want to put my giant ball of red yarn to use. >O

Anyways, I don't have much to do now so it's kind of weird.

I got Hana Rice Crackers at the store today. They're like.. Bossom shaped crackers with seaweed bits. :3 They're pretty good, but not as good as the Baby Star ones.

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  • MUSIC: Audiosurf Idle music


I made soft pretzels today :D They came out perfect, although I used the wrong kind of salt so I had to throw them away.

LESSON: There is no substitute for pretzel salt.